Katie Lynn Walkup

I am a doctoral student in Rhetoric and Composition at the University of South Florida. My research areas are rhetoric of health and medicine, digital rhetoric, and writing program administration. My dissertation explores how the concept of mental health literacy (MHL) circulates through public discourse, and asks how such circulation changes MHL's purposes, audiences, and values.

Right now, I am studying how early warning systems identify students with possible mental health concerns. In the past, I've analyzed discursive moves in writing about depression, found lexical characteristics in patient education materials, examined usability claims in electronic health records, and theorized addiction treatment as an ecological process. I ask too many questions about how people become patients.

At the University of South Florida, I teach courses in technical communication, rhetoric, and writing. I've served as the junior Writing Program Administrator for USF First Year Composition, and am currently research assistant to the Director of Composition.